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More Than Drone's Imagination

The exotic experience that people have never encountered, FliFli AirDrop will be with you.

New Paradigm for Drone Delivery

FLiFLi Airdrop is a portable drop equipment, attachable to DJI Phantom Series. AirDrop Body and Remote can send and receive data by interchanging one's Identification Number(ID) which follows wireless communication rule. Airdrop has a advanced operating system and can be activated by a remote control which is included in the product package. AirDrop is designed to provide a light weight and easy-to-use dropping experience. And it is much easy and convenient to equip.

Provide Remote

Guarantees working distance up to 1km, but it works up to 7km where there are no obstacles

No Disturb Sight

AirDrop doesn't disturb Sight of Camera installed on Drone