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Carefully read this guide before using the AirDrop. Using the AirDrop increases the load on the drone and quickens battery drainage. AirDrop is not recommended for novice pilots or if you are inexperienced in flying Phantom series. Refrain from hanging the objects that are too heavy for the drone. Reduce the flight speed, and avoid sudden movements.


Phantom can stably carry about 300g of weight.

Depending on the type of drones (lifting force), the maximum load capacity may vary.


120 g

If the hanging object is too light, it can be blown in the wind and makes drone operation unsafe.

Remove the attached strings or adjust the length so that the object does not reach the propeller’s range.


600 g

When hanging a heavier object, move the center of gravity to the midpoint of the drone using auxiliary device (e.g. gimbal guard).


1 kg

The pin of the AirDrop body opens up to about 1kg of weight of the load. Applying a lubricant to the pin (a metal bar with 3mm thickness) will reduce the frictional force and make it easier to open.


3 kg

If AirDrop is attached to the drone with higher lifting force, up to about 3 kg can be hung. When carrying more than 1kg of weight, the AirDrop pin will not open, but it can be used to transport the object. Lower the object until it touches the ground and open the pin.


AirDrop guarantees a working distance of 1 km.

In the distance of more than 3 km, the probability of operation will decrease.


It doesn't disturb sight of camera installed on drone.


Multiple AirDrops can be used at the same space.

However, AirDrops will not work if more than one persons press the buttons on the remote control simultaneously. When more than one persons press the buttons on the remote control in sequence, all the AirDrops will work. You can set a new frequency by synchronization (pairing).

Attach the bracket

Attach the bracket to the landing gear.

● FB-1000GT : P4 Pro/Advanced/Pro V2.0
● FB-1000ST : Phantom 4 (Standard) only

● FB-1000BT : P3 Professional/Advanced/SE/4K
● FB-1000AT : Phantom 3 Standard only

Attach the AirDrop body

Combine the bracket’s groove and the protruded part of the AirDrop body.

3 seconds is enough to enjoy AirDrop.

Turn on/off

Slowly double-click the button and hold it for a while to power on/off. LED will blink when AirDrop turn on/off.


Slowly press and hold button of remote control for more than 1 second. Main body and remote control send signal to each other in order to check whether AirDrop’s pin is closed or open. If you quickly press button repetitively, signals overlap and operation is delayed.

Built-in antenna

Turn the remote control black ring toward the AirDrop body. Black ring part of the remote control has an antenna built in. Wrapping antenna by hand reduces working distance.

Battery check

Charging is required when the LED bar level goes down. Battery check : Press the button once in the off state. Battery operating time : Body 2 hours and Remote 3 hours (continuous movement), 410 hours (stand-by off state). Turn off the power when not using AirDrop.

Charge battery

Full charge : First charging 2.5 hours, usually 50 minutes. Press the reset button when it is not charged. Please charge at room temperature. If your country is winter, the AirDrop may be frozen during shipment. If the AirDrop is frozen, it cannot be charged. Please note that due to its characteristics, lithium battery may not be recharged if left unused for a prolonged period of time in a completely discharged state. (charging with USB 5-pin cable)


When AirDrop malfunction appears, press the reset button next to the charging socket using sharp and thin tool like clip or toothpick.

Synchronization (pairing)

To synchronize, press and hold the power buttons in both the body and remote at the same time for more than 15 Seconds. (start with the power off)  Synchronization automatically sets the new frequency.

① LED bar 1-3 and 2-4 flickers in turn when the main and the remote are on standby for synchronization. ② Button LED blinking will stop when synchronization is done.

Flight safety

◎ Don't land with dropping object. If you need to land the loaded drone after taking off, please discard the load first before landing. ◎ Do not open Sports Mode when using AirDrop. ◎ Adjust Visual Navigation System if dropping object is large. ◎ Using the AirDrop increases the load on the drone and quickens battery drainage. ◎ AirDrop is not recommended for novice pilots or if you are inexperienced in flying Phantom series. ◎ Do not mount magnet or magnetic metal to avoid interfering with geomagnetism and disordering flight control system. (Iron, Cobalt, Nickel)

User's safety guideline

Use AirDrop in compliance with local laws and regulations.​ Air drop equipment is a drone accesory product which attaches to light-weight flying drone, and we will like users to heed full attention to these prohibited acts written below.

① Air dropping activities that can possibly cause danger to people or property. ② Flying  ctivities that can possibly cause danger to people or property in a populated region or in a place where many people are crowded together. ③ Flying in the area where people can't see the targeted place with the naked eye. ④ Flying activities from sunset to sunrise (Exceptions will be if it is authorized by related statute, then flying is authorized). ⑤ Flying and controlling drones under the influence of alcohol, drug, or other substance that can possibly influence people's mind. ⑥ Flying activities that are abnormal to normal flying re-gulations. ⑦ Bothering flying path to all aircrafts, light aircrafts, and other light non-motor power flying equipment by using drones. ⑧ Flying above 150 meters (Standard will be above 150 meter ground, sea and hurdle level, excetions will be if it was authorized by related statute) ⑨ Flying in the prohibited flying area

Theses rules are based on Korea Civil Aeronautics Safety Law and Civil Aeronautics Safety Law's enforcement regulation, and therefore flying standard and regulation might be different depending on where you are located at. Thus, please verify your country's regulation standard before flying.

Specifications (wireless device for RFID/USN)

◎ Size: Body 2.7 x 10.5 x 7.6 cm / Remote 2.8 x 9.5 x 2.8 cm ◎ Weight: Body: 104.9 g / Remote control: 29.8 g ◎ Operating distance: 1 to 3 km ◎ Operating frequency : 868 and 923 MHz band use USN device ◎ Charge input voltage : 5 V / 1.2 A ◎ Operating voltage : 3.7 V ◎ Battery: Li-polymer battery (430 mA / 1.59 Wh / 8 g) ◎ Operating time: 410 hours (stand-by off state) / 2 to 3 hours (continuous operation) ◎ Charging time: First charging 2.5 hours, usually 50 minutes. ◎ Operating temperature : -20℃ to 50℃ ◎ Charging method: USB 5-pin ◎ Carriage weight: Under 1 kg ◎ Country of production: Republic of Korea

◎ Installation guide per model

     FAD-1000GT > Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced/Pro V2.0
     FAD-1000ST > Phantom 4 (Standard) only
     FAD-1000BT > Phantom 3 Pro/Advanced/SE/4K
     FAD-1000AT > Phantom 3 Standard only

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