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Release and drop device

FLiFLi Airdrop is a portable drop equipment, attachable to DJI Phantom Series. AirDrop's body and remote control can send and receive data by interchanging one's Identification Number(ID) which follows wireless communication rule. Airdrop has a advanced operating system and can be activated by a remote control which is included in the product package. AirDrop is designed to provide a light weight and easy-to-use dropping experience. And it is much easy and convenient to equip.


Phantom can lift 460g(1 pound) stably.

We recommend to weight less than 910g(2 pounds).
Depends on your quadcopter's maximum carriage


The specification can working distance up to 1km(0.62 miles).

If internal antenna of remote control is not wrapped your hand and no obstacles, it will operate 
up to 7km(4.35 miles). The probability of operation is lowered from more than 3km(1.86 miles).


It doesn't disturb sight of camera installed on drone.


AirDrop can be used by many people in the same space.

But if two or more people press the button at the same time, it does not work.
If you press one by one, the AIRDROP will all work.


It works independently without synchronising with drone by cable.


Three seconds is enough to enjoy AirDrop.

Two Steps to enjoy it.
① Attach Bracket to Drone.

② Place AirDrop to Bracket.

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