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FLiFLi AirDrop Series

Release and Drop Device for DJI Phantom

FLiFLi Airdrop is a portable drop equipment, attachable to DJI Phantom Series. AirDrop Body and Remote can send and receive data by interchanging one's Identification Number(ID) which follows wireless communication rule. Airdrop has a advanced operating system and can be activated by a remote control which is included in the product package. AirDrop is designed to provide a light weight and easy-to-use dropping experience. And it is much easy and convenient to equip.

AirDrop Preview

New Paradigm for Drone Delivery

FLiFLi AirDrop is manufactured for DJI Phantom Series.

① Remote is provided. AirDrop works independently without synchronising with Phantom by Cables. It doesn't disturb Sight of Camera installed on Phantom.

② You can easily install it by inserting Bracket and Body in Landing Gear. And you do not need to flip Phantom in order to hang Item to AirDrop's Hook before flying Phantom.

③ LoRa Technology can wide-range wireless connection due to low power and superior circuit design. The specification can working distance up to 1 mile, but it works up to 6 miles where there are no obstacles.

④ It has excellent durability with Solid Case and Simple Design.

⑤ We recommend to weigh Less than 2 pounds. ( Depends on your Drone's Maximum Carriage ) Phantom can lift 1 pound stably.

⑥ Charging with USB 5-pin cable

⑦ Manufacturing Country : Republic of Korea

⑧ Dimensions (Weight) : Body 1.07 x 4.14 x 3 in (3.7 oz), Remote 1.1 x 3.75 x 1.1 in (1.05 oz)

⑨ Battery Operating Time : 410 hrs (Standby), Body 2 hrs, Remote 3 hrs (Continuous movement)

One-Touch Operation
A radio transmitter with an RF module can be operated smoothly with a single push of a button. Controlling is quick and simple such as stabilization system with opening and close with One-touch operation.

AirDrop Bracket
Currently 4 types of Bracket is available, and you can only install in DJI Phantom Series.

3 seconds is enough to enjoy AirDrop.

① Attach Bracket to Drone.

② Place AirDrop to Bracket.

① Full Charge : Above 2.5 hrs ( At least 50 mins )

② Turn off the power when not using AirDrop.

③ Adjust Visual Navigation System if Dropping Object is large.

④ If AirDrop doesn't work, execute Reset or Synchronization.

⑤ Turn the Remote Control Black Ring toward the AirDrop Body. Black Ring Part of the Remote has an Antenna built in. Wrapping Antenna by hand reduces Working Distance.

⑥ Slowly press Button of Remote for more than 1 second. (Main body and Remote control send signal to each other in order to check whether AirDrop’s Pin is closed or open. If you quickly press Remote control Button repetitively, signals overlap and operation is delayed.)


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