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Release and Drop Device FAD-1000 Series

​New Paradigm for Drone Delivery

1 kg

The pin of the AirDrop body opens up to about 1kg of weight of the load. Applying a lubricant to the pin (a metal bar with 3mm thickness) will reduce the frictional force and make it easier to open.

1 km

AirDrop guarantees a working distance of 1 km. In the distance of more than 3 km, the probability of operation will decrease.


It operates independently without having to sync by connecting it with a drone through cable. (separate remote control provided)

Open Sight

It does not obstruct the view of the camera installed in the drone.


More Than Drone's Imagination

FLiFLi AirDrop is a portable drop device that can be attached to drone. AirDrop body and remote control can send and receive data by interchanging one's Identification Number(ID) which follows wireless communication rule. It works in high-class operating system, and it can be activated with remote control which is included in the package. AirDrop is designed to provide a light weight and easy-to-use dropping experience. And it is much easy and convenient to equip.


“I was extremely pleasantly surprised at this product. It was far better quality than I was honestly expecting. It looks great, looks as though it was made as part of a Phantom 4 from the beginning. Range on the remote is excellent as well, I have dropped payloads from 400ft easily. If your doing any kind of SAR work with your drone, this is a must have.”

Richard S

LoRa Technology

Widespread Wireless Connection

LoRa Technology ensures 'kilometer-wide' wireless coverage and stable connection between main and remote. No need to find any data connection. Experience high-performance and super wide range operation up to more than 1 km by just one time synchronization.